Oden, Daisys, Tofy & Moroccan Bastilla

Daisy picking has begun with the recent thaw. No snow for 4 days and it's been rather warm. Station departments have allotted time for their employees to go out and pick up trash, aka Daisys.

Yesterday I snuck to my corner to get away from the stress, complaints of the mainbody kitchen. For some reason there is a lot of tension in the kitchen. People are getting moody and ill, food quality has been slacking to some degree but picked up yesterday. I got good food to produce, save the drama fo yo mamas, things are always chill on myside of the ktichen.

The tofu in sweet n' sour sauce. The veg. I bulked it up with included: dried seaweed, sliced banana peppers, roasted orange bell peppers, caramelized apples and red onions.

Here's a map of the litter clean-up the kitchen crew can take part in. I would love to do it, but unfortunately if I leave the dinner won't be on the line when the time comes. I pick up trash when I'm out and about anyway, why not do it every day?

The Oden icebreaker arrived, scaring away the penguins :( But, I heard the Oden has moored and the penguins are back. I'll investigate later.

Then I hiked to the northside of the station to get a few shots of the wind farm for ASOC.

Scott Base. The perfect station... small, 100% off-grid, and really clean.

This morning I put together 9 pans of Moroccan Traditional Bastilla. The only thing I had to omit was the chicken since it's vegetarian. I added more scrambled eggs instead.

Scrambled eggs with cinnamon, sugar, salt and pepper. A few cups of chopped cilantro. Many lbs. of chopped walnuts with cinnamon and sugar. 3 liters of thick coconut milk. 4 lbs. of carmelized white onions. It's simple... scramble the eggs, add the nuts, onions, and cilantro. Season well with cinnamon, sugar, S&P. Then add the coco milk. Put onto a bed phyllo dough lathered with melted butter.

Then fold the dough over to make a big pastry for the most part, brush on lots of butter.

After all that bake it until it gets crispy and hot. Sprinkle powder sugar and cinnamon on the top, serve. I had to leave at 2 for my denist exam, so I left the Sous in charge of baking and topping it, let's see how it goes :$