No Penguins :(

The environmental conditions have changed... air temp., wind velocity, sea ice coverage, water temp., etc. and the penguins are no more. There still may be a few more small penguin packs (5-30 penguins) roaming southward to Black Island that cross Hut Point. Yet, with the icebreaker and the broken ice, the penguins will most likely divert their path from the McMurdo Harbor to more icier routes. Right now there's a giant gash in the ice outside McMurdo and it will only grow into a larger pool of open water. The next thing we should expect to see are Minke whales or Orcas, and probably more seals. More Penguins? Only time will tell. I'm just so happy to have witnessed what I've witnessed for far, penguins rock.

When I hear the forktrucks outside my room I know there's a plane that's just arrived with food cargo and I bounce out back to help the unloading process. I'm either in my room, in the kitchen, in the gym boxing, or running amok outside trying to find penguins. Most likely in the kitchen or chasing penguins.

I went into work an hour early this morning to make some homemade mango quacamole with the remaining fresh avocados.
Crust for the veggie pot pie tomorrow. Pat is the crust expert.

Today we had braised shortribs in a sweet-garlicy-terriyaki-gingery sauce.

Then there was roasted garlic chicken with brocolli and nuts.

Here's what's left of one of my Thai tempeh, tofu, and veg. stir fry with peanut sauce dishes.

After work I'm outside... chasing penguins... but with no penguins to be seen.