Enchiladas? Perogies? Hot pockets?

Hiking near Scott Base, checkin out the wind farm.

Snowmelt in action.

But, it's still snowing.
Yesterday I had the task of making Spanish Enchiladas. My base filling was spinach, pine nuts, raisins, a few diced bell peppers (sauteed), and a cilantro viniagrette. For the vegan enchiladas I used phyllo, for the rest just puff pastry. I stuffed half with the base filling, then realized I still had to fill 300 more, so I added a bunch of sundried tomato feta cheese to the mix to bulk it up a bit.

Here's the base filling.

Here's the feta.

Here are the enchiladas, yet several urbanites referred to them as hot pockets. The DA from UK said it was a perogy.

After you fill them, brush egg on.

The 6 hours of prep.

The baking.

The finished product.

I ran out so quickly that I needed a backup. I grabbed all the leftover puff pastry, stuffed it with a blend of more cheese, base filling, and leftover cheesy mushroom quinoa from the AM shift.

Each one is the about size of a football.

Today I had to make tofu over ratatouille. Press the tofu, marinate in pizza sauce, toss in a italian seasoned flour, deep fry, and lay on a bed of ratatouille.

The crud is running through town. People are drained with work and we are now back at max. occupancy. Folks are dropping like flies and we need them badly. So, I've been using my medicinal studies and implementing them into the kitchen. Over the last week I've been making ginger-honey-lemon-lemongrass-lime juice teas. The DAs have been killing it. Today I decided a spicey, but not thick, miso-ginger-lemon-honey soup with thai peppers would do the job. Food = medicine.