Building 155 Blue Facelift

Supposedly this is some blue techy science paint that can withstand the burdens of this treacherous land. When in the mountains of Alaska I put a blue tarp around my tent. The rest of the geology camp had tents of the colours green, white, red, orange, tan and yellow. Out of all the tents, with a greyish-black rocky (like we have here) background, my blue setup was almost invisible from a 1,000 feet up the mountains unlike the rest. Camoflouge. I bet if you were to look down via satellite at building 155 it would appear more invisible than the rest of the light coloured buildings. It stands out from up close, but from a far it's secret... blue = higher wavelength on the visible spectrum.

You can see the tanker cargo way off to the left in the distance. To the near right are cargo containers to be loaded, mostly trash. The NavJabs arrived today. The US, New Zealand, and Australian military all pitch in to help the unloading/loading process. I got to be in charge of the kitchen today, the board said 1,099 people on station + the 150 NavJabs. I was curious to know if 475 lbs. of steak + 120 lbs. of pork would be enough to feed these hungry folks, along with lots of mashed potatoes, green beans, beef-tortellini soup, african black-eyed beans and wild rice, and teriyaki chicken wings. We did okay and ended up with about 50 lbs. of steak left. Tomorrow is the real challenge after they have a long days work, and it ain't sunny and warm outside. It's cold, wind, and really dry. New Zealand sounds nice right about now... 24 hours left for me :)

The Oden icebreaker refueling.

The horses are ready to start haulin.

Yup, it's blue alright.