I went into the gally to grab a glass of soy milk before work and guess who was there... Santa!

Christmas is over, Saturday has begun. I rocked out the tempeh and roasted veg. fritta, sweet n sour cabbage soup, ziti, hot italian sausage stew, and helped with the chicken with romanesco sauce and brocolli. David and I basically cooked the hot side for 950 people. Below you can see the tempeh sauteed in lots of garlic. Roasted vegetables (portabella mushroom, tomato, red and yellow bell pepper, red onion). Egg-soy milk mixture with spring onions, garlic, and feta cheese. Put the veggies in the oven-proof dish, pour egg-mix on. Throw a few more veggies on. Throw some shredded cheese on. Bake.

The final product to the left, and leftover cabbage rolls to the right.

Out back a skua was munching on something.

Probably leftover this from the trash or food ripped off from a bystander.


The soup was lovely. I didn't have any, but I enjoyed the few tastes I did have cooking it.