Free Hugs, Big Hills, Pot Pie and Late Night Boxing

More photos from last week race up Ob Hill. The last 1/3 mile was the steepest.

The guy in 1st had been training in the gym for weeks, I'm hoping he joins the boxing club.

Where's my number at?

Runner's high.

The Ob Hill Runners of 2009

Ross Island Wind Farm

Near the edge of the Ross Island Ice Sheet it's a meltdown, seals are popping up at the cracks, the ice is making eerie sounds, you can hear rocks falling... all I am waiting for is the sound of killer whales. They should be getting close.


Cargo to the ice fields.


Fishing is no good for the Southern Oceans.

Big red bus called Ivan.

Pizza line.

One of my portable dinner stations. Linda the Sous has been out for the last few nights and I get to run the show. Love it. It's been great food, a very clean kitchen, and best of all we are getting out early. I enjoy our PM team. Everyone is older than me, but they are all open ears, as am I. Unity makes the food good.

Brocolli casserole.

Seafood Fra Diavlo... some of it was so hot I just called it Seafood del Diablo. Many folks at the station like the heat. They say bring it, and I bring it.

Omg so much bread. I'm in heaven.

Interior of brocolli n cheese casserole.

Ice is melting. Midsummer is close. Tourists are coming to McMurdo Station on cruise ships throughout the rest of the summer. I get to be a tour guide this coming Tuesday on my day off. Tourism good for the Ice?

Midnight sun.

Sweet 16.

Don't ask.

Tofu pot pie.

Spinach lasagna. This is the vegetarian entree I pushed out tonight, I made many 2'' pans extra, but we still ran out at the last minute. People tell me the veg side has been so good they are skipping on the meats. Oh geeze. Guess I will have to start making more. I'm glad they enjoy it as much as I do.

Leon, on his day off, decided to wait in the lobby and give free hugs. This kid truly means well, and I'm glad he came back for another season.

Boxing is getting big. I'm looking to spot a new location to host classes. Boxing is starting to split into Muay Thai, Kenpo, Kick Boxing, Street Fighting, MMA, etc. So many people with different backgrounds are jumping in and showing me their techniques. Although I'm the club instructor, I'm being instructed by so many. Last night a gangsta lookin lad across the gym was eyeing me. He slowly walked over as we did our combos, he asked where I got the hand wraps and I threw him a pair for free. I asked what's his skill level... he goes... "amateur pro boxer, made it to the olympics but they denied me because I got a felony. 144 ring fights, numerous knock outs." "You know street fighting?", I asked. He laughed. I asked that because a big guy from that just got back from Iraq learned 52-blocks, which he said originated in prisons and on the streets. I think 52-blocks could be integrated into the boxing technique as long as you don't compromise giving the opponent to much room to hit in the stomach area. Later he showed me some techniques, this kid knows what he's talkin about and he's all about the art of Boxing. First time in a long time I've seen someone really care about the 5 legal punches in the ring and not trying to kill someone. This club is all about the art/spirit of fighting, not about pain and submission. Yet, with that said, the final lesson of the night was to hit the bag like it's invisible. You don't want to hit the nose, you want to hit the back of the head. I laughed and said, "Penetration?" He goes, "Yeah, Penetration."