Christmas Prep

I walked into the kitchen this morning and saw many tired eyes. Great, this is going to be a fun day. Yesterday was my day off, but I still put in 8 volunteer hours to get my job done. There is no way I could execute my veg. dishes with my schedule, so I had to make my own. It feels like I've been slaving over two entrees for nearly two days straight and that's the truth. Bombastic they will be. Energy in = energy out.

Another cowboy crackin Lobsta shells.

Crazy bakers.

Our kitchen shines in silver and white.

Beside the Christmas dinner we also got to cook for all the parties.



Falafel. It was labeled 'awful falafel', haha. Poor AM.

Veg. and party platter station.



I had to orchestrate several vounteers today with my veg. prep. So far I've gone though 300 lbs. of red peppers, tomatoes, garlic, red onions, bell peppers, garlic, mushrooms, spring onions, tofu, gingersnap cookies, TVP, wild rice, white rice, eggplant, zucchini, herbs... it will all unfold tomorrow.

More yums from the bakery.

The gingerbread army.

More platters.

This dude is a member of my boxing club, it's fun and a challenge to spar with a 6'7'' guy. Let him throw the first punch then sneak in underneath.

My roasted veg line for the ratatouille bed.


I'm engineering this tofu dish from scratch. The ginger snaps are ground up and are going to be the breading for crust. I made a thick soy milk and fresh ginger juice mix today, tastes like ginger egg nog. I was planning to dip the tofu chunks into the milk, then into the ginger snaps, then deep fry. But now, since the ginger soy milk is so good and healthy by itself, I may just put half out as a vegan ginger egg nog. Both of the vegetarian entrees will be vegan, and what I'm finding out is vegan is simple at heart, complex in the making, but most healthy and tasteful.

More sugary yums. Remember to floss after Christmas.

Caramel pieces that taste like candy corn.

Here's half my prep... about 150 lbs. worth. Blanched cabbage leaves for the wraps, 60 lbs. of tofu, ratatouille veg. mix, and the wild rice and TVP stuffing for the wraps.

For the last hour of the shift I got two guys to help me wrap some 300 cabbage wraps. I blanched enough spring onions and am using them as a string to hold the wraps in place. Tomorrow, all I have to do is put the puzzle pieces together.
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