Only The Strong Survive a Second Season

For best results, freeze for at least 3 years until the salmon turns brownish-orange. That's a joke, but that's all we have in stock in the warehouse.

400 tempeh-rice cakes.

Sear em.

A normal dinner for me.

Cod with a tarragon sweet/sour sauce.

Turkey with gravy.

Here's the gravy I made. 16 gallons.

Awesome tofu. Tastes like chicken nuggets dipped in ketchup.

I had to make a tofu over ratatouille. Never made ratatouille before, and we didn't have any tomatoes or zucchini, so I used carrots, onions, and pumpkin instead for the veg. part. Before I put the veg. in I poured a few scoops of a thick chunky tomato sauce in just to give the dish a hint of tomato.

Final product... top it with goat feta cheese from New Zealand and chopped chives.

Today's "I Dream of Porcini Soup" using portabellas instead of porcini.

Bakers having too much fun making pizza.

Tonight's chicken flourentine.

Cheese stuffed spinach tortellinis.

Crazy bread from the bakery, so goooood.

Some folks are already starting to count the days, some are bailing. I just keep the radio cranked and pay no attention to anything except producing good food. Keep focused by keeping train of thought simple. Good food = happiness.