Amazing Talent at McMurdo

First time in many days that I've been able to sit down a computer. From running the veg. entree side in the kitchen to boxing to science lectures to races to being able to breath and enjoy the Ice; If you only could walk in my shoes and taste what I taste. Little time on the net and sitting on my butt = more time living it to the fullest. No times awastin.

Science lecture on the air bubbles found in ice cores that give clues to ancient climates.

Rice medley to become the bed for my roasted tempeh veg. dish.

BBQ and marinara heaven. This is only a small batch.

Chef and Chef talking business.

Roasted tempeh with roasted red pepper sauce.

Leon and his meat.

Dishers and their dishes.

Lecture on the Ross Island Wind Farm. Found out that the wind farm at max. power will provide 100% of Ross Station's energy, and 50% of ours. This is the only farm like it's kind in the world, primarily because of it's foundation to deal with extreme cold climates, loose ground, and hurricane force winds.

Root veg. soup work station.

Root veg. soup. Carrots.. kumara.. ginger.. cayenne..

Ethiopian lentil stew.


Boxing class. I'm requesting a bigger room. I have 15 participants and many more requesting to join. I need more gloves, wraps, bags, pads. Some members know muay thai, jitsu, and karate. The season has just begun. Towards the end of work I can't wait to bounce to the gym for several hours and coach the team. My life right now = boxing and cooking.

Our team has all weight classes and varied heights. 150 to 250 lbs. 5'3'' to 6'7''.

Box. shower, sleep 9 hours, wake, play with knives and food, box, shower, sleep = healthy biorhythm for an extreme environment with 24/7 sunshine. Think positive, challenge, achieve.

4 different cheeses, roasted red pepers, scallions, chives, dill, roasted garlic = layer for the eggplant strata.

Eggplant strata mix station. Like other cooks, I walk into work and see what my task is. Then I grab my goods and make a fort with carts, trays, pans, and boxes to keep focused.

Killer treds man.

Pizza day.

Chef T dressing the chix.

Nick told me to take a picture of this and tell my girl friends around this world I made this for them.

Eggplant strata.

I'm doing something new thsi year for the veg. entrees. Left side is vegetarian and right side is vegan, but it's mainly the same dish. The vegans are happy and I'm finding that the vegan dishes are coming out tastier because they retain more natural flavors.

Last night there was an awesome performance put on by the women of the station to honor women in Antarctica.

Guys were allowed to attend. Free wine.


One of bakers slackin ;)



Lady who has been here 15 years straight.

One of the boxers singing.

Another boxer from last year doing belly dancing.

Break dance.

Bluesy song.

Great voice.

Hula hoop.

A song I can't get out of my head... Rain on flowers, rain on trees, rain on mother, rain on me.. something like that. I told her to make a song about ice and snow. Snow on penguins, snow on ice, snow on seals, so much snow on me.

Cool dance.

The Hill I raced up this morning. 3,000 feet. Steeper than a flight of steps, loose rocks, cold. My time was around 8:29. I had no clue it was only to the top. I thought we had to run up and down. Stupid me haha because I was taking it kind of easy to save energy for the run down. Or at least that's my excuse. Not bad, can't wait to do it again next year.

My Jamaican Veggie Casserole station. Ya mon, mad respect. Dis be da real deal. Jerk sauce.

Before going into the oven.

Many layers... layer 1: bed of crunchy tator tots, roasted kumara, black beans... sauce... roasted corn and carrots and onions... sauce again... layer 2: bread crumbs and more broken up crunchy tator tots. Cook. Top with more sauce and chopped thyme and chives.

The bedding with some kumara on it.


The second layer.

Watch out for the white rabbit.

Oh geeze. The DAs told me to take this pic, not my idea!

Vegan jamaican veggie casserole on right, vegetarian on left. The sauce was mighty wiked mon... allspice, cummin, cayenne, red curry paste, chili sauce, chipolte, red wine vinegar, lime juice, garlic, etc. Tri-tip steak.

1 mile of pain. Yup.

After this mornings race and ventures with jamaican love, let's box.

Everyone had great times given that it was like running a mile straight up.