Thanksgiving in Antarctica

Here it is boys and girls. Stuffed portabellas with quinoa, raisins, nuts, granny smith, etc. on a bed of tomatoes, basil, and nuts.

Next to de table was several hundred kilos of shrimp for shrimp cocktail tomorrow.

Wild mushroom tart stuffing station.

Root veggies for the side dish.


The baker world.

Truffles. Baileys, vanilla, choco, coconut, rasberry, cappuccino, kahlua, etc.

Root veggies getting oiled and seasoned prior to roasting.
Final stuffed portabella layout. For the vegans. All it needs is 10 min. in 350 to get up to temp.

First you take a savory tart crust. Add sauteed tempeh and spinach. Garlic, salt, and oil are all you need for the sautee.

Then add your roasted veg. blend. Below is bell peppers, wild mushrooms, and deseeded tomatoes.

Pour in you egg mix. I used 50/50 egg and milk, seasoned with granulated garlic, free parsley, and salt and pepper.

Ontop of that throw some caramelized onions.

Then add your cheese and bake at low heat (250) for about an hour and 15 minutes.

After you pull it out of the oven sprinkle some freshly chopped chives ontop. Let it chill for 10 min. before cutting.

The bakers getting the desserts setup.

Bread world.


Lots of crab legs. Eh dad your mouth watering yet?

The minutes before family meal.

Hey I remember those.

Turkey. 1300 lbs. worth total.

Green bean casserole. Raul style.



Root veg


More crab legs. Eh dad your mouth water yet?
The DA crew.

I guess the chefs are too cool for a group pic. Sup turkey.


Yum yum platters.

Crazy turkey pastries with orchids.

Choco covered straberries.

Rice crispy treats.

Carmelized apples.

So proud Nick is.

Lavender. Okay Nick, where can I get these herbs?

Truffle city.

Pumpkin pie.

My plate. The table.

Crab wars.

The line.

The meat station.

My cutting station.


The burns.

The shrimp cocktail.

Yeah that's 250 lbs. worth.

A surprise visit by some piper.

Okay, so that's a wrap. Tomorrow the sous is off work and I'm in charge. Less than 12 hours to start over.