Last Day and Night in Christchurch, NZ

Our flight to the Ice was cancelled for today. This gives me 24 more hours to enjoy the food and biology of Christchurch. Gonna eat it, drink it while I can, because once I hit the Ice goodbye civilization and all it's luxuries.

Yesterday we picked up our extreme cold weather (ECW) gear.

I will never relinquish my board shorts! They still smell like the tropical islands and sea of Belize, don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing...

The US Air Force will be hauling us down there on a C-17.

Operation Dragon Sushi. Eel and roe ontop, cheese in the middle.

As if Dragon sushi wasn't enough how about Unagi Eel? I know of a special Japanese restaurant, hidden above the main downtown courtyard. Everytime I come to this town I eat here. The feng shui of the interior and the aroma of fine Japanese foods is a magnet for me. I inquired about whether or not the Unagi eel food production is sustainable... it's not, and this will be my last time I eat this amazing dish. It's too good to be true anyway, I'll stick with duck tonight.

Today I woke up around 7 AM and went running (literally) around town for a few hours.

Art Centre

I agree with this, but buying internationally can be of benefit in some cases. For example, one may invest in a foreign product if it is more sustainable (agriculture, livestock, processing, transportation, packing, etc.) in comparison to other nations. Investing into green foods from wise producers empowers sustainable development. The eel I bought and ate from Japan is not sustainable and does not help out local farmers, therefore I will move on from that dish. Let me also say that New Zealand's dollar has rose to an annual record high due to their depencies on the Asian economies that are on the rise. Buying from Asia helps Asia economically as a means of off-shore investment for New Zealand, and as a result a bridge is created by which New Zealand can receive foreign investments (i.e., tourism from Asia, exports to China and so on). International trade markets are positive if they create two-way streets.

Fun and workout in the park.

A springtime morning.



A class by the river.

Oh the memories of the tropics. Coconuts and bananas, Gibnut and red snapper, hammocks and rum... I can't keep thinking like this, the nostalgia of paradise will drive an island boy insane. Must only think snow and ice, penguins and cold, cold and snow, cold, at times really cold, no trees, no bugs, no allergies, no suntan, no swimming, no fishing, no iguanas, no rum, no hammocks, no darkness, cold.

Rose gardens.

Today's lunch is Pad Thai with Chicken, an orange, and a kiwi. The Asian food here is by far some of the most authentic I've ever had.