Journey to the Ice

Here we go boys and girls. My last night in New Zealand and the journey to McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Somebody made a drink after me... kids don't try this.

My fav. Japanese restaurant to date.

Yummy squid.

At 5 AM this morning we are called out to the Antarctic Centre to get on our plane.

A little more reorganizing.

To board the plane we have to have all our ECW gear on us.

Security line.

I wish.

Final smell of trees. That sun ain't ever going to go down until I'm about to the leave the Ice.

Our briefing.


Bus ride to the C-17.

Free lunches.

Once your in there's no turning back unless of course the weather turns bad.

Pick a seat, any seat.

I like this one.

5 hours later the pilot says we've touched down and ready to deboard.

Hey Erebus, how's things doing?

Getting into our Delta Shuttles to head to the station for yet another orientation.

My baby.

My dorm is straight ahead, much more spacious than my room last year at MMI.

Random shot of someone shoveling snow out of the old bowling alley.

Time to unpack, unwind, and tomorrow I start work at 7:30 AM. Let the games begin.