Flights Going, Food Rolling

With the snow storm gone the trucks are clearing the runways and streets. Flights have been rockin' all day long and scientists can now get out to their field stations at WAIS, S.Pole, and Byrds. This would appear to lift some stress of our shoulders, but as flights leave flights come in. Oh well, I say bring it on. Below is our meat cooler... 1,000s and 1,000s of meat, poulty, and fish are thawing in here.

Brunch line up.

For dinner I was given soup duty again. I looked in our cook box and saw leftover potatoes and salmon. I grabbed those, then grabbed some bacon, sour cream, white wine, whisky cheddar cheese, onions, butter, oregano, parsley, tobasco, worcestershire sauce. I tasted it and instantly my tastebuds were saying 'Alaska', so I called it the Great Alaskan Bacon and Salmon Chowder.

Here's our great alaskan salmon... ha. Funny how the salmon was pink/red and not orange at one point in time, probably years ago.

The soup. I also threw in about 3 gallons of my leftover cream of spinach soup. No waste, just great tastes.

Then I got to the vegetarian entree. Crispy tofu stir fry with thai curry-peanut sauce. The tofu itself was fine for me... tasted totally like chicken nuggets.

Next to me crazy Leon was topping off the steak in the oven.

Nick the Baker was walking around taking pictures of everything.

Mmmm... sesame seed oil.

Hey Nick.

After work I made my way to the hill overlooking the Ice. The clouds were breaking apart and the snow machines were clearing the ice roads.

A phenomenonal hole opened up in the clouds allowing the sun to shine through gallantly on the Ice.

Today it was the same story, cook soup, veg. entree, mash potatoes, and slice turkey.

The veg. dish is a tempeh quiche. I filled it with fresh ricotta cheese, tempeh, and oven roasted red peppers, scallions, zucchini, deseeded tomatoes. Here I am topping the filling and egg/cream mix with carmelized onions.

Outside they were clearing the roads.

Inside dinner is served. Salmon.


Spicy chili... since I made it 3 hours in advance to serve time it got really dehydrated. Next time I'll add more water before panning. This is the way I like my soup ;) Chunky munky.

The tempeh quiche.

The 30 Italians arrived when we were having our kitchen dinner. Sorry guys, Italian night was two nights ago.