Cranes and Cookery

Here's my roomate Bill drivin' the big ol' Grove crane. He's helping install the wind farm, the first turbine will be up and running on Wed. This is good news because that's the night of my conservation presentation.

Marinara with some spices.

Don't know what that thing is carrying.

Getting food out of the food warehouse. My room is right across the street from the kitchen and next to the loading dock. I basically live at, in, next to the galley kitchen.

Snow plow going somewhere.

Travelers heading to the airport.

Part of our Thanksgiving food delivery. Thanksgiving for McMurdo is on Nov. 28th. I have no clue what day or time it is elsewhere.

All I know is that there is pumpkin pie and lots of it. Today they made pumpkin cheesecake :)

Raul getting dirty with the chix.


Steak... from like a few days ago that's been reheated.

How cute... somebody likes me.

Yesterday (Sunday) the snow came back. Much more snow and rain this season.

Gobbles thawin.

My prep cart after the morning. Almost a complete rainbow eh?

Here's where it all went... the Roasted Red Pepper and Wild Rice strudel. Folks tell me it's been the best veg. dish of the season. It was pretty awesome.

This was my first strudel ever, two days ago was my first frittata ever... success or luck, which ever it may be, both meals came out reallllly good. I walk in the morning, Linda throws todays menu at me, I spend 15 minutes on Google compiling recipes in my head, I get the concept, forget everything else, then start from scratch and have fun trying to engineer something I've never done before. This is what I live for. It's always a 50/50.

Oh yea.

The spaghetti frittata.

Snow plow.

For my half day I had to make up 6 2'' pans of baked ginger tempeh in about two hours. It was okay. There has to be a different way to fry up the tempeh.