Under the Sea

Oatmeal raisin cookies...

Chili Cheese Dogs

Beer, cheese, and scallion bread

Fat Fries

BBQ Pork

Carrot n raisin cake

Baked mac n cheese delux before being baked

Here I am greasing up the royal rat aka agouti paca. It's called Royal Rat because when the Queen of England came to visit the local embassy provided her with paca and she digged it. The butcher talked me into getting it. He got it from a friend of a friend who lives on a farm. They aren't endangered and are a very costly meat, thus the demand is low which keeps the population stable. Yet, I still think paca farms would be a good idea.

This pic is probably a turn-off for some, but trust me it's good. Although the meat is white it's more tender than the dark meat of a turkey and chicken.

I can't get enough of these lil' guys.

Party in the Park.

Kurt and Samson talking about the weather. I guess when you start watching crabs for entertainment you have become consumed by the island life. Hey, at least I didn't join in on the conversation.

Boober was envious I was spending so much time with the crabs and puffed his throat at me.

At noon it was 95 degrees in the kitchen and I was getting really thirsty. Fresh coconut water is always on the menu. I've heard from locals in Belize and Costa Rica that coconut water is very good for digestion.

After I cooked the carrot cake I decided to take off to the secret beach and do some snorkeling.

There's where my brain went.

Gotta chase them barracuda, or else they will chase you.
I swam out to the atoll reef wall and put my flippers on.
A couple days ago I showed you many pics of dead coral, here's the live stuff.

Trigger fish. This dude swam by my side for the two hours I was in the water.