To Da Big City of Dangriga

Red in the morning sailors take warning.

At 6:30 AM we took off to go pick up groceries in Dangriga, which is about a 1.5 hour boat ride from our island. Below is Tobacco Key, one of our island neighbors. We'll come back to this island later...

Hola Dangriga.

Man tryin to get dem fish.

No dump. No garbage.

No sinking.

Red Lobster. Yes, we got lobsters here.

Goin to de market to pick up some fruit and meat.

Dis be da school right next to de market. Empty courtyard = kids in class.

Den we head out back to de island of paradise.

But first we stop by Tobacco Key to see what's shakin.

Two octopuses matin' that's what shakin'

Lil' black dog invites us in.

We make our way to da bar where we hang with the locals. Ishmael is our new captain, we picked him up near the food market. Da ol' captain Faigin had to take a two week break. Ishmael's brotha lives on Tobacco Key. He told me stories about how hurricanes have changed the island over the last 5 decades. In 1960s they got hit by many big hurricanes and the island shrunk by over 50%. Many people leave, but the few who have stayed have it well. They like my brothas, we share the same vibe of tranquility and respect. Mad respect mon. U straight mon? Ya we straight. Good food mon. Ya mon, good food is good work.

Chillin on de boat headin back to the island I see some eerie rain clouds. Rain acommin' my gut says. Sky was red dis mornin.

Dis guy try to race us, and he beat us.

Oh no our island looks like it's gonna get slammed.

Here's Brain sayin, 'Eh Cody don't forget your laundry on the clothes line.'


Some divers from the local islands were diving near our island and had to take shelter in our wet lab during the storm. I chilled with dem. The tourists were from Germany and the dive instructors were local islanders. Great times.

Every day for the last three days I have gone to this tank to find just one more random lion fish swimming around. Who the heck is catchin these fish?

Red in da mornin sailors take warnin, but when dat redsun sets dat sky be blessed.