Scuba Diving Class #2 at Glovers Resort

A few days ago I finished my second dive course. Since then I've completed the 150 page book and DVD instruction manual. This has essentially been a 3 day crash course in diving at the last minute. In 3 days I head back to mainland (weather permiting) where I will catch planes, trains and automobiles to get to Belize City. I spend a night in the ghetto then off to Cincinnati for a week, on Halloween I fly Cincy > Chicago > LA > Sydney, AU > Christchurch, NZ > McMurdo Station, ANTARCTICA! Full moon on Nov. 2nd, that'll be the midway point of my transition from North to South... naturally I migrate on full moons. But, let me not get ahead of myself... instead just drown in the now. Big Nassau Grouper below... these things are endangered due to fishing. Big fish.

My diving buddy.

Trigger fish.


I returned back to the station after watching Warren cut up a 6 foot shark he caught. I wished he would have gave me a few steaks :) On the menu tonight was lamb chops, fried yucca, salad, and yummy sweet coco plantain.

Okay so a few days ago I mentioned how I stuck my foot in the water at the dock and saw a giant barracuda head sniff my ankle out. Yal were probably like ya right, just like how he said he caught a 25 inch rainbow trout while trolling on kayak on his last couple days in Alaska. Well, this time I had time to grab my camera. Here she is. 3.5 feet at least foot long barracuda.

I jump down to get an underwater shot. They are harmless as long as you don't provoke them to defend. They got big teeth but I have a 12 inch army homeland security knife strapped to my leg.

Then I noticed a few smaller barracuda and mama cuda was watching how the young ones interacted with me. If they swam close she'd whip her tail on the surface and they'd swim away from me. She was teaching them what to do around a human. Keep away. Now if I was bleeding and immobile she probably would have taught them to feast.