De Storm Be Passin' Soon Boy

Three days of rain and relaxation and I now have 3 days left to finish my scuba classes, pack for my departure, and cook these guys some grand finale dishes.

Today the winds died down and the bugs came out. Darn.

All I have left in the pantry is flour, baking needs, rice, beans, a few cans of corn, and... well, I think that's it really. In the freezer downstairs I have chicken, beef, and pork. Tortillas I'm making from scratch. Tortilla chips I'm making from scratch. Everything from scratch cuz there ain't no other way of doing it. Chicken enchiladas with a habanero-sweet corn sauce.
Coconut, chocolate, caramel... just to name a few.
Chicken that falls off the bone. Seasoned with chix stock, lime, chilis, and garlic.
Creamed sweet corn n' peas.
Homemade mashed papas.
Avocado salad.
A weird tree-like growth on the reef.
The storm has been rough on the bird populations. I saw many dead ones on the reef. This one was weak so I chilled with it for awhile. Last night, I was sitting on my back porch listening to the rain and one landed right a bird landed on my lap. Two days ago a seagull landed on my head. "Dem birds man, dey gone crazy" - ol' pa Roy
Exerimental floating coral growth cage Rena has designed to monitor coral growth outside predatory zones (i.e., away from parrot fish).
Bry and Massive betting on whether it works or not.