Adios Cincinnati

Daisy is a warrior, she defies the life expectancy for Dalmations.

The home of my parents and sisters tucked away in the suburbs outside of Cincinnati.

Recycle, reduce, reuse. With a recession in the making consumption is on the downfall for most people. No worries, this is good. What do we need to survive in life? Water, food, shelter... I like to keep things simple. A good dog by your side is also very handy.

Earlier today the little kid was working hard out back raking leaves.

After an hour I suggested she take a break and let's cruise the block on our cool bikes.

Locked and loaded. Second season on the Ice and I now know what to bring. Last year my cook books weighed down my bags costing me an extra penny or two, this year I'm mailing them down. Tomorrow at noon I head to the airport with my Grandpa. Totally excited for this trip.