It's a Full Moon

Our new guests came in yesterday and as they walked through the door I had this available for them to snack on.

Smoked salmon scones.

For dinner we had grilled chicken kabobs laden a very spicy jalapeno n herb vinaigrette marinade.

I awoke at 5 this morning, but really didn't sleep all night. The guests went to bed around 11 PM after a well rounded discussion on everything regarding bear meat and quantum physics. I hoped onto the couch (my bed now), closed my eyes, but it was as if I could feel the full moon shimmering through the clouds. All night my thoughts raced and around 4 in the morning the wolves began to howl. It was so relaxing to lie there and watch the moonlight glisten off the water while howls echoed through the forests. Got up off the couch around 5 to snag some pictures and prep breakfast. While on the beach I had two foxes come up to me but it was too dark to get their picture.

The moon.

The sunrise over the mini mountain top.

Here comes Brad to pick up the guests.