Fall has arrived

Three days ago the leaves started turning and well, it's harvest time. Bear are out getting fat on fish and berries, Eskimos are stocking up on fish, and hunters are getting their winter rations of moose, caribou, and deer. A Mohawk myth from Northern Canada as follows: During the beginning of fall a bear was killed in skyworld, I forget the reason why it was killed in spirit world, but it was. The blood fell through the portal into our world. As the blood rained onto the land it turned the leaves red and eventually they fell. When the last leaf fell the bear began to hibernate and the hunters no longer could get bear. Meaning - when the leaves turn red it is time to hunt.

I put together a 5 minute video for the Food Channel network. Unfortunately, our internet is too slow to upload anything beyond 1 MB and we have no way to burn a DVD or make a hardcopy. Last time I had to make a video application like this I was in Antarctica. Why does this always happen when I'm no where near a Kinkos? So, when I get to town on Oct. 1 I will mail it out once a burn it and it will be late, but that's all I can do right now. Heck might as well just post a few snapshots. The job is to be a series host, so I am trying to capture my character the best I can.
Rockstar on kayak. Ogie and I are going to be rockstars one day, you'll just see, but first I got to do a little more traveling to build upon my lyrics and fine tune my voice. Ain't nothing like singing on a kayak during a wind storm on Lake Iliamna.

Speaking of influences and themes.

Damn these bugs.

Grilling salmon in 45 degrees. That isn't cold, trust me.

Trust me.

We caught this last night and cooked it last night.

Delux carrot cake.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs. Slow oven roast, meat falls off bone.

Wild berry pie.

A neat piece of Alaskan Jade I found on my run today. The coolest thing I've found so far on this beach.