Limestone Gap Field Camp Continued

Here's all my gear: guitar, tent, thermarest sleeping pad, sleeping bag, rain gear, workout gear, knives, fire, tarps, nylon string, iodine, and compass.

One of the students being brought in by a bush plane.

My small tent and the other tents way out on the other side of the valley. This valley is the Limestone Gap.

The boys waiting for food...

My kitchen. No fridge, freezer, just two coleman stoves.

Hiking above the river of fog.

Arctic ground squirrel. Friends.

Smoke in the gap. For three days we had a massive cloud of smoke in the mountain camp due to forest fires 5,000 feet below us. It was so hard to breathe given that we were already at a high altitude and still adjusting to the relative lack of oxygen.

Great rock exposures. Many fault lines.

Fish n chips night.

12 days without a shower or bath... smelling like 20 different meals.

Once a bubble in the magma.