Igiugig Rocks!!!

Sorry, but I must keep this short, I have honey-tarragon chicken drumsticks and chocolate souffle cooking right now and it needs some babysitting. But, let me just say... this is one of the best journeys I have yet been on this summer. Last night I met up with Rachel at the airport, her and I stayed in some shady motel in Anchorage and this morning we went to the small airfield where we hoped on a twin otter with 9 other dudes. The flight was 100 miles westward and the views were astonishing. Glaciers, ice fields, mountains, rivers, lakes, kettle lakes, and not to mention the volcano Mt. Redoubt that we flew right above while it was smoking. Pilot said she's ready to explode anytime now given that the hot stuff inside the cauldron has doubled over the last few weeks. If it does explode then we will see, taste, smell, and feel the effects. Ash. No good says Brad, the Igiugig Lodge owner, who by the way is an awesome dude. From the Igiugig (an Eskimo village with population <50... style="text-align: center;">