Limestone Gap Purchase & Pack

Here's what I bought today from Sam's Club. Only took me 3.5 hours.

A half hour just to get everything in the van. In the back of my mind I'm thinking about the dairy and meats, we have to get them to a cold place within 2 hours. It's about 80 degrees outside and I'm not liking it, so I compile all the colds together on the floor in hope the stay cool until we get back to the truck.

We made it back in an hour. I just finished unpacking, which took 2 hours solo. My next task is to organize, pack, and label all the goods by 5 PM tomorrow. Thank goodness I got 10 hours of sleep last night. Looks like tonight is gonna be a long one.

Stevo, Girl, and Dog stopped by to see what's up.

Then back to labeling all the fruits and veggies. I stocked heavily on parsnips, yam, potatoes, cabbage, onions, apples, oranges, and melons... long lasting produce. The climate we are going into is dry and cool, which will naturally enhance produce lifetimes, nice.

All the meats are packed tight into three coolers and a freezer. I'm freezing 6 one gallon milk jugs which will act as cooling devices for the camp. They usually take 4 days to thaw completely. That will give me plenty of time to be at peace of mind knowing the meats won't spoil too quickly. There will be two frozen milk jugs per a cooler, 3 coolers in total to go onto the plane, and I'm hoping to get some dry ice tomorrow. The only thing I'm really keeping an eye on is getting the chicken and ham frozen by the time we leave, which is 6 AM Sunday morning.

It's a big mess right now. A cool mess. A fun mess to organize. When I look at it I see like a million dishes to be made. Whatever is leftover will go to the students and faculty. No waste.

Yah buddy, the biggest catch yet.

This is the final challenge... 20 people, 20 days, 2 camp stoves, 3 coolers, a bunch of totes, hungry squirrels, hungry bears, and a mountain of rocks to sleep on. I'm gonna rock this Limestone Gap.