Dude, this is lots of work.

Much more than I expected, bulk and work. But, it's done and I can finally breathe. From here on out it's a matter of unloading, unpacking, cooking, and eating. Lots of weight off my shoulders... next step is to fend the goods from bear and squirrels at camp site. Here's around midnight.

at 3 AM.

Power nap.

Before.... After.... After 12 hours of purchasing, loading, transporting, unloading, organizing, packing, and loading again some $5,000 in groceries (total) everything has been locked into these and several other pantries onboard the yellow submarine. Forgot to mention that around 4 AM when I was loading one of the boxes a one gallon jug of italian dressing decided to undo it's lid and spill all down me and onto the tent stakes. That stuff is like motor oil, it doesn not come off clothing, skin, hair, furniture. I reek of it, almost as bad as when I got sprayed by the skunk in Canada. Never will I eat Italian dressing again.