Doing Just Fine

The reason behind all of this - I left her at the airport, guitar strapped to my back, dumpa looking out the window trying to hold in his tears. On the road again. Flying 95 on I-69... or in other words flying down the road of life. She's always in my mind and I hope she's alright down south. Dude in the song gets chased by cops because he's in a hurry to see his wife and dog again. Gets to the house, one look one kiss hit to the ground without a reason to resist. Goes to jail and will then have time behind bars to write more about what he feels. Lessons of the song, don't drink and drive, don't be in a hurry because if you go to fast the things you cherish will be taken away. Secondly, even behind bars, or in the wild, or at a remote research station things are always fine... just by the time... and write more lyrics.