The Wagon, Comp Room, and Dorm Room

I got a set of keys this morning for the food wagon. The truck is at least 30 years old, it's much bigger than I thought and for that I'm glad. Not too many bear marks on the sides ;)

But, before we can her out into the field we better fix the engine eh?

Here's my office.

Geologic maps everywhere.

Rocks everywhere.

Right across the street is my dorm room. Helen was having a family reunion and I decided it be best for me to get my own space. There's a big uni gym right down the road from this room :)

Bfast, lunch, and din until we head out into the bush on Monday. By the way, when I'm in the wild I'm in the wild... there ain't no internet. I will have net until Monday, then again on next Saturday for 24 hours, and then again like 10 days after that for three days... after that three day free segment I be gone for 3 weeks in da bush. Smoke signals boys and girls.