I awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8 AM, not, and then headed to geo department to catch a ride and credit card to Sam's Club.

I have about 300 items on my shopping list for the 5 week menu plan, and things are always being added and subtracted. Fairbanks is like the last city in the U.S. to receive any goods. It doesn't have too much, but I'm still doing my best to get all the parts for sushi.

June stayed with me for the first 3 hours of shopping and gave me some of her ideas on quick and easy dinners. Reminded me of the stuff my grandma used to cook.

Then she left while Bill made his way over with the truck. I continued cruising through the aisles.

4 filled flatbeds and 6 hours later I sat down to find out how much I've progressed. I estimate I'm about 70% of the way done. I still need meats, produce, more desserts, and dairy. Oh ya, and I also need nori.

Here's the full line of goods. Bill's in the front.

~2500 bucks, ain't too bad. But, I still need about 2000 to make this menu happen.

June came back after visiting her grandkids and we all loaded up the banana boat.

Bill cleared out the gas cans. Note to self: do not cook anything until the gas is removed.

I then loaded up the goods.

That was fun, and I have to do it all over again tomorrow once the freezer gets working. Now it's time for me to walk over to truck in the cold rain and start organizing everything you see below in cupboards and take an inventory :$