Menu Creation for UAF Geo Camp

In 7 days I fly to Fairbanks where I have three days to purchase all the goods for a 5 week all inclusive menu, separated into three camp segments: Livengood, Denali, and Limestone Gap. The four days in Livengood I will be sleeping and cooking in a kitchen truck, and Denali will be the same except it will be for 10 days. Limestone Gap is my ultimate challenge: 250 lb. limit on goods per week, no freshies, limited freshwater, no oven, and no refridgeration. Not to mention bears. So, all those Chefs out there, what would you do if you only had a 6-burner camp stove and water? What dishes can be constructed? Everything at Limestone Gap must be canned, boxed, bagged, or dried. Let the fun begin.