Denali Here We Come!

After I got back from the cabin on Coyote Trail I had to find something to do until it was time to go shopping again. I planned out the shopping list last night, so that was taking care of. Maybe shower? Sure. So I snuck over to the dorm and found a way in. Instantly I threw in my laundry and headed to the guys shower room. After I got in the shower I realized I forgot my shaving stuff and shampoo. I hiked all the way back to the truck, grabbed my gear, then went back to the shower. Before... After... haha don't know why I did this, but it's funny to me. Can't wait to see myself before and after 11 days in the bush in Denali.

After the baptism I ate a sandwich.

Looking out the kitchen/truck window I noticed Prof. Rainer didn't go home last night. Instead he slept on the hood of his car. Smart idea. He probably turned the engine on until the hood got hot enough to keep him warm throughout the morning. This dude never sleeps. He drinks at least 10 cups of coffee a day. Students tell me he popped two energy drinks and a few canned starbucks on the last trek. June told me he had an I.V. bag outside his old office labeled 'Coffee'.

Then I headed upstairs to the geo lunch room. June told me to meet her at 1 to do some shopping. I read a really interesting newspaper on mining and drilling. Why was this on the front desk in the geo lunch room? the only we find gold, water, and oil is through geology and geophysics. You could dowse, but folks don't know about that ;)

June arrived on time and we headed to the store. We loaded up her truck with mostly freshies and meats. She told me I'm picking up a few more scientists on the Denali trip... that puts me at 28 clients, fine by me.

Just before I got back to the computer room I had to sort and pack all of this into the cook truck. Every cupboard is stocked full. I bought some steak, hot dogs, ground beef, pork loin, catfish fillets, chix thighs and drumsticks. That should give us at least 8 good meals.

Time to go for a walk before the sun sets. Haha, ya right, the sun don't set. I have to be up at 6 to pack all the student bags in the truck and then Bill and I hit the road. Guess I'll be sleeping in the truck tonight, no point in blowing 35 bucks on a dorm room when you have a truck full of food and a spot on the floor. Cheerio, be back in like 11 days. Here comes big bear time, thankfully there's a shotgun hidden in my cupboard, but all will be well... this ain't anything like the grizzlies of Kodiak.