Bears and Guns

This morning started off with me wandering to the creek to check out the beavers. Victor drove by and told me I need to get to the uni ASAP for bear safety class. I jumped in the car and we took off. I basically hang around with all the geology department staff and students. Feels like I'm in uni again, wait a minute... I am. Right next store to the geo department is the GI building... the world famous Geophysical Institute that is the parent of HAARP. Wow. The school and research facility of my dreams is right in my backyard, the professor told me to go check it out tomorrow and show my face to those scientists. They are having camps next year and if lucky, I will be able to get to work at HAARP for a month. Hmm...

Here are my clients... a bunch of young geologists and their professors. There's drama between staff and staff... departments and departments, i.e. geological engineers vs. geologists. It's funny.

Off to go practice shooting bad bears.

First we watched a bear safety movie. Use your eyes to scan the environment and make noise always. If a bear charges you must stand your ground. DO NOT RUN. Even if it is 10 feet from you, either shoot it, hit it with mace, use a spear, chainsaw, whatever... if not still stand your ground. Do not collapse until it punches you down. Then lay on your belly, backpack on, hands behind head.. protect head and organs... you may get a few bites and slaps. If it starts to eat you, do something, anything. There are only 3 deaths a year from bear attacts in all of North America. There are plenty more injuries mostly due to people infringing upon the bears territory, like walking up to a mama and her cubs. The lesson of this video was to not scare bears, don't fear them, stay out of their territories, and never back down unless it hits you down.

The shooting range.

Alaska has been pretty much conquered by hunters and trappers. Firearms have been/are an essential element to exploration and development of the Alaskan frontier. This is a very challenging enviroment, things will eat you. But, just think, for thousands of years aboriginals lived sustainably in these arctic lands without gun powder.

How to load a 12-guage.

A riffled slug. Riffled slug = accuracy. The bullet spins.

Dry training.

Target practice. Fun stuff.