What's cooking in the burbs?

Yesterday I journeyed to Jungle Jim's in search of rattlesnake. I just have an urge to grill some rattlesnake. I haven't been eating much pork, beef, or chicken... just kangaroo, camel, and alligator. Full moon? Native elders up north tell me that when a warrior is in search of strength, he will kill a giant moose or bear and eat it's muscle to gain strength. I don't have moose or bear, but I've got camel. If you need a strong heart, eat the heart of the healthy mammal. If you need agility, try eating kangaroo. If you need a transformation... a shedding... eat something reptilian, like snake or alligator. You are what you eat. You get your needs from what you eat.

Grilled camel, roasted parsnips and red potatoes with feta cheese, homegrown garden sage and fresh tomato, and fried apple, pineapple, and plantain topped with a thick n' creamy vanilla-nutmeg syrup.