Mother's Day at Nannies

On Saturday day night I ditched the burbs and went to the Middletown ghetto to visit my Nannie and Poppa.

Remember that sweet cherry pie Brit and I made? Well, it got devoured. It was so good with vanilla ice cream.

Vegemite. Oh geez. When I first arrived in Australia the Irish lad told me a story about Drop Bears (creatures that fall from the trees and cling to your back) and how Vegemite wards them off. Vegemite is that potent eh? Franko would put Vegemite out on the table for lunch as a sandwich or cracker spread and over the course of my stay I witnessed 12 volunteers cringe and make funny faces whenever the word Vegemite came up haha. You really have to acquire this taste and if your not Aussie, good luck.
But then again my Poppa really enjoyed it. I couldn't believe it, someone else out there likes Vegemite. Maybe he was just starving?
Here's my sleeping quarters at Nannies. There may be a ghost or two wandering around.
Oldies but goldies.
El gato Lucy.
Picture of Poppa and I fixin up a toy car back in the day. I'll probably look like that in 20 years.
A gift I gave to Nannie many years back. It's a picture of our buddy Larry's spot at Senecca Lake. When I was younger we'd all go to the lake once every year to do some fishing and relaxing by the fire.
The tomatoes are doing just fine.
The garden is comming along.
Sunday morning we went to church. I'm not Catholic or Christian... I'm just a human with a deep sense of spirituality.
Cousin Mikeys first trip to church.
Cousin Chris's arrival haha.
The smoker.
The smoked pork loin.
Poppa's 70th bday.
Bag worms in the tree.