Life's a Beach

The summer is blossoming in North America and I'm craving a warm, white sandy beach. Just a few months ago I was living on the icy beaches of Antarctica at Ross Island, a month ago I was on the remote Black Wallaby Sands beach in Australia, and now that I am settled back into North America I'm yearning to migrate from the midwest to the coasts. But, the big but, is that I also need to pick up a job. There are a few remote camp cook job opportunities in Alaska that are floating around, I should know by next week if the North needs me. If nothing happens in the North then I'll be looking to get southwards to a beach, maybe Key West or the Carribbean. Would be amazing if I could hit (not kill) two birds with one stone (or stick) this summer by working in AK temporarily for a few bucks doing what I do best, cooking, then move south to relax and cook on a beach in the islands. October 1st I'm scheduled to depart again for Antarctica, until give me the warmth!