A Splendid Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

After a half hour drive we arrived at the clients neighborhood in Hamilton, Ohio...

Here is a section of the outdoor dining patio.

Time to unload the goods that we had prepped the day before.

Looking good.

Tools of choice.

Menu plan.




JoJa and the grilled yellow baby squash.

Mixed baked onion-pepper for veg. and chicken platter.

Lots of veg.

After grilling the veg. we cut it to presentable bite-size pieces.

The Mojito grilled chix.

JoJa and the cheese.

Chefs JoJa and Cody at your service.

Let's call it a day.


Wedding Rehearsal Tomorrow

My buddy Joe called me up a few days ago and asked me if I wanted to help cook for his friends wedding rehearsal, not a problem I told him. So, today I went over to his place and we put together a menu. Later we did some shopping and after that we went Dave's restaurant to prep in Over-the-Rhine... the ghetto of Cincinnati.

The little white building is where Dave works at, he's the Exec. Chef.

We made our way to the basement.

And set up shop.

Stayed tuned to see how we perform tomorrow at the rehearsal... :)


Life's a Beach

The summer is blossoming in North America and I'm craving a warm, white sandy beach. Just a few months ago I was living on the icy beaches of Antarctica at Ross Island, a month ago I was on the remote Black Wallaby Sands beach in Australia, and now that I am settled back into North America I'm yearning to migrate from the midwest to the coasts. But, the big but, is that I also need to pick up a job. There are a few remote camp cook job opportunities in Alaska that are floating around, I should know by next week if the North needs me. If nothing happens in the North then I'll be looking to get southwards to a beach, maybe Key West or the Carribbean. Would be amazing if I could hit (not kill) two birds with one stone (or stick) this summer by working in AK temporarily for a few bucks doing what I do best, cooking, then move south to relax and cook on a beach in the islands. October 1st I'm scheduled to depart again for Antarctica, until give me the warmth!