Urban Evolution: Grey to Green

Meet Andrew. This dude was my neighbor for about 8 years. As kids we'd hang by the woods and philosophize about the fate of the world and chase a duck or two. When we graduated high school I skirted off to Canada for native studies and science, and he went to Maryland's Art Institute for Architecture. Now that we've traveled a bit, gained some insight on green building, we're reuniting to hopefully change the processes of urban development. An Architect who is a LEED AP, and a Geographer that can cook. 20 days before I leave to Alaska, which means we have 20 days to redesign the future of urban development.

After getting some thoughts down on paper we split and went back to our suburban dungeons to get working. Drew is going to focus on modeling the skyscrapers, and I am going to focus on site selection and resources, which means he will be using 3D Max. and AutoCad and I will be using ArcGIS... hopefully haha. Lots of things are incoporated into our plans (economics, energy use, urban gardens, rain catchment, water purification, etc.) and all of these will need to be laid out in our final product that will be entered into a contest on sustainable design. There are a lot of secrets ;) that we can't talk about until we're done.

Nora had a fun day at school, in art class they got to make toys using recycled goods from the school. She made some kind of staff that has a carrying plate ontop of it. Emma said a guy came into her 7th grade class and talked about his LEED projects. All of a sudden LEED is everywhere. Cool... now I'm going to go dig through the recycling bin and take a break from these maps.