The Simple Life

What defines simple? The simple life. Slow minded. No hurry. No worries. It sometimes strikes you when you watch a kid dig through drawers while in search of something uncanny.
Sometimes simplicity comes in the form of a genuine smile.
This mama cat below needed to have her kittens, she had no place to go so she crawed through the window of my friends car and gave birth. That's where she lives now. At birth we really know simplicity... life is food, shelter, family, breathing, and dreaming.

The other night the simple life struck me while fishing with my father and friends. Just a stinky paylake, stars, and hunger pains. We weren't worried about the swine flu or even catching a fish, we were just having a good time.
Pa and Pat couldn't figure out how to get the charcoal fire grill going without lighter fluid. Keep it simple dudes, grab some sticks and make a small wood fire.. then pile charcoal ontop.
BAMM! Haha.
Life's too complex... I mean we rely upon so much non-renewable energies and produce so much waste due to inefficiencies in our designs. Let's make it simple. Use natural energies. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Share ideas. Focus on peace, not war... green, not grey... equality, and not money. Why spend so much time designing green skyscrapers with software and sketches when a piece of paper cut in half and rolled up can do exactly what we need to inspire some new ideas.
While designing our project we are keeping these 10 ideas in mind. I received this paper from a Sierra Club meeting that happened in Cincy a half year ago. The presenter was part of the U.S. Navy and was an environmental engineer. We figure that if this lady is from the system, and thus speaks of the system's ways of instating sustainability, then let's follow her lead and integrate the lessons into our plans that will hopefully revolutionize the system and create a positive feedback loop of eco-friendly development.