My Room in the Suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio

There's a little place called Deerfield, which is about 25 minutes outside of the center of Cincinnati. It's a normal suburb with a McDonald's and Pizza Hut only 3 minutes away, and a new Super Walmart 10 minutes away. There's also a Blockbuster, Gold's Gym, Sears, BP, Barnes & Nobles, Target, Krogers, and Biggs just minutes away. Besides stores and fast food joints you can go to a local high school football game, play a game of lazer tag, play 18 holes of golf, go to the movie theatre, or hit up the big amusement park, Kings Island. The majority of urbanites and suburbanites spend the majority of their lives indoors. Folks drive their SUVs to the gym, just to walk or run on the treadmill. Why not just run to the gym? I prefer the outdoors life because I can get real light from the sun, fresh air from the forests, get dirty, splash in creeks, fish by streamsides, run with deer and kangaroos, and so much more. That's just me and that's what I like to do, be outside under the sun and be bloody natural.

Our house isn't off-grid, sustainable, and it's walls are paper thin just like the Mammoth Mountain Lodge I stayed at in Antarctica. A small F-1 tornado could stream by and blow 'er down with little ease... I've seen it happen before to houses like our nearby. The only thing I can do to decorate and feng shui my room is nail a few pretty pieces of paper to the wall, hang a dream catcher, install some funky lights, and bring in a few fake trees. I haven't slept in my room for quite some and this time I've come back it actually feels like a library/muesum to me... not a bedroom. It's my arts, books, external harddrive, and ninja toys collection room.

Tapestries on wall are from a Chinese artist in Canada. Tapestry-blanket on bed is from Thailand. Dream Catcher is from Canada, and has a wolf claw and Tiger's Eye pendulum on it. A quartz pieces hangs next to it.

Here's my collection of gems, crystals, flint, animal teeth, bones, feathers, dried herbs, oils, etc.

I have ninja tools everywhere :) I practice with nunchucks, bokens, knives, throwing knives, blow darts, and practice kenpo kickboxing, muak thai, akido, jiu jitsu, and the ninja arts. Martial arts intrigue me because they are one way to apply our chi to material form. I don't practice weaponry or martial arts to hurt anything, I do it for protection, strength, entertainment and it helps me remain lucid of my spirit.

My dream has been to live on an island with a few basic necessities (i.e. fruit trees, guitar, dog, big hut, kitchen, art studio) and a boat to continue traveling the world.

I have a big stash of books. Quantum physics, human geography, physical geography, cosmic rays, clouds, biology, water resources, enviromental education, poetry, martial arts, astral projection, divination, dreaming, healing, kundalini, herbs, wilderness survival, etc. etc. After reading so many it just clicked one day... Why not write you own book? Why not make your own movie? Some of us spend so much time reading the words of others and then you have ask yourself, how come my story isn't on that bookshelf?

Some new additions to my room...

Some of my older drawings... this one I remember being really bored in religious class...

This one I drew in the Alaskan bush, it's of the Raven spirit I encountered near an old Allutiq burial ground and the story of life is around it portayed through Egyptian, Eskimo, Inuit, and Allutiq heiroglyphics.

Lara Lara Loon drew this back in the day in Canada. The spirit (medicine) wheel is the center piece of many North American belief systems. North is wisdom and strength, East is beginning anew/birth, South is family and peace, and West is spirit/death... at least that's my take on it. There are various beliefs as to what each direction means, but all correlate with the seasons and use of the hweel. Herbs and crystals are also tagged with each direction for ritual use.

I found this bad boy Meyer Rater skim board in a swamp in Florida next to a bunch of alligators and rotting fish when I was like 10. My last name is Meyer, and I'm Meyer Rated.

Like I said, the room I'd usually sleep in doesn't feel like my bedroom anymore. I've been living in a big tent in an unconstructed house for the last two months and I enjoy sleeping outdoors, it becomes a habit to hear the birds in the morning and see the sun rise as you first begin to open your eyes. So I have chosen to pitch my camp in our sunroom in the backyard where the dog sleeps and the kids play. My ol' dog Daisy will protect me from them Raccoons and bandits.

I was only filming this because I am trying to put together a movie of us catching snakes by the creek, but since we only got a small gardner today and I forgot to put the camera on I'll scratch that idea. Instead I grabbed a clip from our hike down to the creek... just as good as any snake... a smart-arse bunny eared 6 year old.