Fishing, Beautiful Bush, and Quesadillas

We three kings... Are stuck in the bush....

And love to eat quesadillas, with homemade guac.

The quesadillas were a quick and easy feat on a cold Sunday night. We were up at 6 AM to start rendering the house, got done around 1:30 PM, and after that we all just kind of lounged around until dinner. I have almost finished my 'Wilderness Survival Handbook', but I wish the book never ended, it's all such rich knowledge. How to make jerky... how to make snares... how to build igloos... how to make mocassins... how to make fire... etc. I found the book in Frank's library and it's all about Inuit and Eskimo survival practices while in the wild, something that may come handy when I venture to Alaska in a couple months.