A Day of Reunions

Twas a Sunday, a day to visit family and friends.

A memory from when I was four. My Nannie runs a beauty saloon and whenever I need my hair buzzed I go to her.

Nannie's place always gurantees lots of good homecooking.

Green things grow everywhere. Poppa has a green thumb.

I gave Poppa and Nannie one of my bonsais to take care of a couple years ago. It's been doing great.

Here come the kids from the Maxi-Mart.

Michael and I were just swinging porch monkeys, eating licorice and scratching lotto cards.

Later on in the evening we had a delayed Easter Egg hunt.

Inside the eggs was a bunch of change.

Fun in the basement.

Cake for dessert.

Watching Sponge Bob.

After visiting family in Middletown I went over to my buddies Pat's and Zach's crib.

Pat was cooking, like always.

These boys love to go catfishing.

I love to play with food.

Mocha glaze.

Donuts with homemade strawberry icing.

After yesterday's Easter lunch and late night kitchen fun it is time to go boxing and run.