Just a Couple Days Left....

Few nights ago Andy caught a flathead, which is basically a flounder. What you see below is the curry tempura fried flatedhead, autumn veggie stir fry, caramelized apple and grilled pumpkin medley, and of course the sweet mango and pineapple rice dessert that's primarily cooked in coconut milk with coconut shavings.

Matthew fishing.

Matthew playing with my knife.

Only thing we caught yesterday was a crab.

Andy and I doing the corners of the last window.

She's almost done with the bottom coat render. Just the north wall and a bit of the east wall left.

After work I go to the fridge to see what's in store for the night.

After figuring out what the main entree is I grab some freshies for a proper accompaniment.

Lastly, I dig through a box in the Wallaby Cafe to find a starch side.

Then get cooking. Yes, I shaved finally.

The boys were playing chess outside. Frank said he hasn't played in 26 years. And you'll notice Matt ain't around... he ditched camp yesterday for no apparent reason.

Frank bought a chicken (or should I say chook), and it was microwavable chook in a bag. I microwaved it for a bit until it was almost done and then fried it up on a skillet with some garlic and herbs.. the proper way.

Pasta to the right, sweet potato fries in the oil pot, and some freshies to the right. Mix pasta + cheese + freshies = pasta salad.

BAMM! Italian pasta salad with garlic n herb chicken and sweet potato fries. Mix chicken + pasta salad = chicken pasta salad.