What's Cooking in the Bush?

Every night around 7:00 the Wallaby Cafe Kitchen opens it's doors and the wallabies gather around to munch on the veggie scraps. Here's the stir fry, mango coconut sticky rice, and top secret cheesy ramon noodles. 100% vegetarian.

Yesterday I put out an All American feast consisting of chili cheese dogs, onion rings, and crispy potato wedges. 100% yummy, just make sure to run 10 km the next morning.

Here's Ratman hanging in the bushes looking for onion peels. We call this guy Ratman because he hunches over a lot when he walks on all fours and looks like a giant fat rat.

After dinner I climb up to my tent and cardboard palace and dig through books on sustainable development, construction, cooking, recycling, organic gardening, permaculture, spirituality, healing, herbal remedies, chakra allignment, astrology, astral projection, dreaming, wilderness survival, and this one below is on portable architecture. At the very end of this book I asked myself, 'these portable living quarters are great... but where the heck was the tent at?' What about huts? C'mon whoever wrote this book, look at what aboriginals do and get a tent, you'll be just fine. Trust me.

And this morning we had a fog. Just thought I'd show you that too :)