The Wallabie Cafe is Now Open!

So ya in the beginning the Wallabie Cafe was just an old machine shop storage container filled with lots of usable junk. First, we cleared it out and stripped the walls. After that we cleaned it, then Stephen and I began assembling shelves. Latitia walked back and forth between the main caravan and the new kitchen delivering utensils, cooking equipment, and much more. Frank told me to engineer a kitchen and that was it. In the video you will see the final product and now all we have to do is stock up it with dry goods and spices. Amazing what our team can do in two days. I'm so excited to have the cafe up and running, it's a bush chefs dream. From this day on it be only icing on the cake... i.e. firepit for grilling, get the smoker going, solar panel for equipment, milkshakes and smoothies, fishfry! Ironically the first visitor was Fredo the fat wallabie. He gobbled down three ears of corn, one carrot, a few tea tree leaves, and sundried orange peel. Not only is the name 'Wallabie Cafe' catchy, but we literally feed the wallabies, as well as cook and dine with the wallabies.