Red in the Morning, Sailors take Warning

Morning red sky was followed by rain. Before the rain came we did a lot of work on the house. Right now we have Frank from Aussie, Stephan from Ireland, Margo and Daffney from Holland, and me... from the World. After work I went fishing in the rain, ain't no fish here, only had a bunch of small bites. Then I retreated to my second floor tent set-up and read about the Age of Aquarius from Frank's library. Quite interesting how this time of our lives is about holisitic lifestyles arising (i.e., no me and you, we are one, and we are all from the same Earth) and the dismantling of the machine (about time). Symbolism is very important as we seek to see through/with our higher chakras. We've built a strong social foundation... tribal > agricultural > industrial > commercial > informational... and after that we should now begin to view materials/systems as symbols of the great cosmic unknown, according to the text. Maya. Interesting how my Haudenosaunee teacher said that according to their beliefs, mankind is entering it's 7th being, the highest being, a mirror of the creator, or in fact the creator. Symbolism. 2012? Solar Cycles? Polar flips? Revolution? Depression? Through our creations we release the power of creation, thus becomming creators. What are we to create? What shall we do? Is not environmental conservation... ultimately... the best form of holistic creation? Anyways the book I found was pretty cool, and I really liked how the author said that Aquarians are awakening to bring about unity. The Raven psychic I run into every year has told me the same. For years people have asked me on the road... so where you from? The best and most honest answer I can give them is... I'm from the Earth. And then I reply... so where you from? Haven't met anyone from Mars or Pluto yet, so I reckon we're all in this Gaian journey together. Protect her. Love her. Enjoy life. No white and black, just this.

The red bellied serpent. Stay away.

Daphne the rockstar is chizzlin.

Stephan... a geologist and nerd like myself, just spent 6 months in the gold mines and can't wait to get back to Ireland. Hard working lad... enjoys potatoes, ACDC, and scotch whisky.

Margo. Really cute girl from Holland.

Morning tea break. Frank is giving the girls a rundown on rendering the corners of the windows while wondering why I keep taking pictures of everything. Top secret brother.

Killer boots mon.