A Journey to Loch Sport

Frank had to do some laundry in town so Stephan and I hitched a one-way ride to check out Loch Sport, a quaint holiday town 10 km from our bush camp. We cruised the streets and checked out the local pub for a glass of Guinness for St. Pat's Day. At the back patio were several old fishermen. Bait was sold everywhere... in the pub, at the fish and chips shop, gas station, etc. Got squid? Later we hit up a cozy cafe for some fish and chips. The fish was 'flake', gummy shark, which I think had a taste like catfish. Check out the engine block on the putt-putt course. Haha. As we made our way back to the bush we ran into a couple horses. Today I ran back to the farm to see if they were there, but no show... I'll run there often, just to hang with the horsies.