The First One in the House

I have moved from my insulated shipping container to the unfinished off-grid and sustainable house on the hill in the bush. It has a great view of the ocean, I can now learn the best times for fishing by watching the tides. I will also be able to dig through hundreds of books in Frank's library while hanging in a lounge chair on the second story balcony. The best form of direct education. Frank insisted I dig through his 'Portable Architecture' book prior to building my room, but there was no need to do so... give me tarps, string, and nature and I will build you Atlantis. Our goal is to make this property an eco-village. We have cargo containers, caravans, a sustainable house, cleared farmland, and room for yurts/earthships... why not? He is the brains behind the operation and I'm the muscle. No worries, wait until you see the amazing kitchen we've just built and wait until you taste the fried red snapper, grilled kangaroo, and top-secret potato patties that go great when topped with onions, green pepper, and a slab of kangaroo.