The CaCody Trail

The morning began with a drizzle and we decided to do a few domestic chores. The girls hopped on dish duty.

We also cleaned up the dining area.

Then Stinky and Karla showed up in the bush. It has recently rained, and they love the fresh grass.

Stinky is always alert. He is often the first to dart to bush, and then Karla, his mother, follows.

Since the render from yesterday hasn't dried yet, Stevo and I decided to jump on trail work.

The girls decided to tidy up the workshop container after doing dishes.

This trail shall be named... 'The CaCody Trail'

First I had to mark the trail with pieces of white plastic bags just so I knew where I was cutting.

Then I went at it.

Stevo gathered up all the cut limbs.

Then Stevo mowed the trail. Haha.

I had to rake up all the mowed debris.

Here's the final product. Not bad for a really bushy bush.

On the way down I came across Stinky and Karla again.