Ashes to Ashes... Forest to Fire?

Bushfires have hit Southern Australia hard over the last few weeks, but they are now disapating. Cold Antarctic weather fronts are bringing rains, which are rehydrating the ecosystems. When I arrived a week ago it was 34 C, now it's 15 C. Bloody cold when wet and trying to catch dinner at the beach. Nonethless worth it. Still no fish.Yesterday a black dust could be seen on everything outside and burnt trees flowed in with the tide. What a weird elemental phenomenon it was... the aquatic world delivering fragments of eartlhy bodies charred by the recent bushfires. When taking my hike I peered into the bush, wondering how many years it would last. So much fuel is scattered about Frank's 200 acre bush. Droughts and strong winds have brought down many trees. Yesterday, Stevo from Ireland heard his first tree fall. I've heard many trees fall, but still questioning why this is happening more over the last few years all around the globe. I've seen more wind damage this year than I have my entire life.