In the Bush

I have arrived in the bush at Frank's sustainable design trailer park, and have a splendid room in a shipping container. Internet is very limited considering we have to turn on a generator, which we try to avoid. Solar panels are scattered in the front yard and a wind proof, cyclone proof, earthquake proof, fire proof sustainable house that is going to be 100% off-grid is being constructed ontop the hill, overlooking the ocean. Yesterday I ran 6 km in search of another person, nothing. We have a beach to ourselves. Beyond my expectations, but let me tell you, communications on the internet are highly limited. Without the net I will be spending most my day hanging with the Kangos and Hog-deers and working with a world of travelers in effort to construct an original, unique off-grid sustainable house.

The top clouds in the pic above are from the fire. Black ash is scattered all along the beach. Whales, seals, and penguins are a common sight... and no people.
Below is my room in an insulated shipping container. Much better than my room in Antarctica.

Upon arrival I got out of the car, and saw Fred. Not to mention the 15 kangaroos that night.