Prophecy with a Glimpse of Beauty

I've spent the last 3 hours cutting, cropping, and distributing this art piece for one sole purpose: to spread the message that the things we cherish are not everlasting, especially with humanities current desires. I want my two younger sisters, Emma and Nora, to experience the taste of fish, to see fish, to swim with fish for the decades to come. But, as the oceans and statistics are showing, fish are disappearing. They are becomming extinct. We are overexploiting the oceanic resources through large-scale fishing practices and we are polluting the oceans with our industrial growth. There is only one solution, regression... cessation of our gluttony... reestablishment of harmony between society and nature. Resurrection of the sleeping shaman within.

I speak as an extension of John's words and of my own experiences. Disharmony reigns today. War, death, lack of resources, etc. There is a movement of like-minded individuals who seek one thing, and one thing only, peace. It is not a job or a hobby to protect all forms of life, it is a duty. Environmental ethics. Not only is it a duty, but it is a instinctual feeling that can be numbed by witnessing the common destruction of nature. Watching violence on television can psychologically drive someone to pursue an act of violence. Seeing nature cut down everyday subconsciously tells us that it's okay, human devlelopment is necessary. Too often we become numb to the violence we dump on nature, yet nonetheless are forced to succumb to the reaction of natural destruction, i.e. when the price of fresh produce rises at the grocery or when the bees and fish become extinct. Do not be selfish, the animals and plants are your children too.

Do you contemplate the effects of tree cutting while seeing a new neighborhood being built? How often to think about where your fish came from while sitting at the dinner table? How often to give thanks to the fish that you eat and enjoy? More importantly, what actions do you take to preserve the gifts of nature we have been so thankful to enjoy? There is something missing in our mainstream Western development. I can't quite put my finger on it... the lack of respect? too much desire? lack of common sense? lack of education? not enough time? America consumes more than 25% of the worlds total resources while only accounting for a small percentage of the worlds total population , first, we must tackle this beast. I am going to work with the rest of those concerned to put an end to this destruction. Age of Aquarius on the horizon. Now here's John....